How to reach Atlanta

This page will have up to date info for delegates about travel to the USA and Atlanta so please check back.

Before Departure

If you are coming from outside the US, please make sure all necessary visas, visa waiver program (min. 48 hours approval) or immigration paperwork has been dealt with.  I would check your mobile phone plan to know what your roaming options are and purchase a data plan if needed.  There will be wifi while you are on campus.  If you are coming from outside the US, make sure you have power adaptors.  The US uses a 110 V system.

After Arrival

From the Atlanta Airport there are a couple of ways to get to your hotel.  You can either head to a taxi stand, call Uber or Lyft, or take MARTA (our local public train).  MARTA is the most affordable route and should get you within walking distance of most downtown hotels.  Please visit for details.  The Airport is located at the south end of the South Line so all MARTA trains departing the airport will take you to downtown (the 5 Points station).  Here is a quick link to the rail map.

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